Ivy Park: Let's Get in Formation

We definitely don’t know what is in Beyoncé’s hot sauce, but we got a taste of it on Wednesday night at the Preview for "Ivy Park" at TopShop in Atlanta. Queen Bey is always taking her brand image to the next level and she's done it again with her new athletic label, Ivy Park.

 Behind the name

At first, you might think Beyoncé named her body-positive fitness-wear line after adorbable daughter, Blue Ivy, but apparently, that's not the case. The "Ivy" part comes from the Roman numerical version of four— IV—because Bey's birthday is on Sept. 4, hubby Jay Z's is on Dec. 4 and the power couple's wedding anniversary is April 4.


The "Park" part is a literal inspiration, representing "beautiful shared open spaces, which are used for sport and leisure alike." The Park part also conveys the "democratic" aspect of verdant public spaces, which ties in with the philosophy of the brand.



The "Low-Down" 

Mixing high performance styles with fashion-forward casual apparel, it's a brand that inspires all women to stay strong, healthy and happy. From high-performance leggings to sexy basketball body suits- we chose our favorite pieces- 


Backless Hoodie by Ivy Park









Logo Bomber Jacket by Ivy Park







Beyoncé’s ‘Beyhive’ Must-Haves






Drop Armhole Tank by Ivy Park







Logo Crew Neck Sweatshirt by Ivy Park








Full Length Logo Leggings by Ivy Park 


 Where's your park?

Coming from a group of worker Beys, at White Girl Sunscreen... we believe that every person should make time for themselves. Beyonce references "the park" as a place where she can clear her mind and prepare to overcome obstacles in her own life.

 There's a beauty in finding the moment where the only thing your mind can tell you to do is BREATHE.

Working out helps prepare you for all the sacrifices you need to make in your own life to keep progressing.

We hope that Beyoncé’s "Ivy Park" line inspires you to make time for yourself, while always working towards becoming an overall healthy person.


Always remember- Stay flawless, wear White Girl Sunscreen. 



Rachel Justis 

Co-Founder of White Girl Sunscreen 



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