a babes guide to Cinco de Mayo

Aiiyeeee!! Cinco de Drinko is upon us!


You finally get the chance to cut loose and be wild. You know, unlike every weekend. As a white girl that loves to get crunk off tacos and tequila, let me tell you that this is mi segunda festidad favorita of the year.


A little history before we commemorate all the brave Mexican soldiers

that dared to think outside the tortilla:

Cinco de Mayo marks the unlikely victory of the Mexican army over the French in Battle of Puebla.

Most Americans mistakenly believe that Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of Mexican Independence, which was declared more than 50 years before the battle of Puebla...aka September 16th.

However, the W gave the Mexican army a reason to “turn up”, which means we should too.


It’s time to get the la festivatadas started...if you're unsure of the proper way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, don't worry, these are the essentials 



Make sure your sombreros are on fleek! BTW- if the colors don't match your top, you're going to look SUPER basic AKA, "you can't sit with us".


While we don’t recommend altering your normal wax routine, we do recommend the sticky ones found at any party supply store. 


No, not to protect you from rain, a real authentic Mexican poncho. You know, the kind that smells like the best college parties you’ve ever been to... gives your IG photos credibility.  



It’s the beginning of summer and most Mexican restaurants have patios so bring protection.. because no one wants to look like an old prune or a tomato. 



Because who doesn’t love a dog in a sombrero? 


Now, 100s of years later, we have the pleasure of celebrating the battle without the actual battle… Well, besides the battle that you’ll experience with your liver on May 6th.


Our only advice that is SUPER CRUCIAL is to wear sunscreen and drink Skinny Margs...because it's bikini season babe. 


Sources: http://www.history.com/topics/holidays/cinco-de-mayo


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