Healthy + Happy: How White Girl Sunscreen Revamped My Sun Care Routine

Happy Friday!

I want to know, what are your thoughts on the Instagram update?? I'm not sure how I feel about the stories yet, because now I'm overwhelmed with how much social media I have to check every single day, but I do commend Instagram for their awesome filters and markers that you can write with! I also love how easy it is to watch everyone you follow's everyday life now. I never realized how many people I follow on Instagram that I don't follow on Snapchat! It's super cool to be able to get a peak into the behind the scenes of some bloggers and companies that I follow, and speaking of, did anyone get a chance to check out my Instagram Story yesterday? I was posting about two of the products that are saving my life right now, so let's get into this blog post and talk more about that and less about Instagram haha. 


At the end of summer, it is crucial to protect your skin.



Well...technically it's crucial to do so all year round, but especially right now. They say that you should wear sunscreen every single day, not just when you're going to the pool or the beach, but carrying around a bulky bottle of sunscreen everywhere you go would definitely be a hassle. This adorable little pouch from White Girl Sunscreen is perfectly sized to slip into any purse for easy access and still has a resealable cap so it won't make a mess. I think this packaging is genius, but what's even more genius is the product.


I love how on the back of the pouch it reads, "Why White Girl? We use so much sunscreen that we created our own formula. You're probably thinking: how many different ways can you make sunscreen? Well, there are at least two: what everyone else does and what we do. Try it, you'll be addicted, too." 

And I have to admit, I think I am. The formula is so silky and makes your skin feel super smooth and the best part is that it doesn't have that dorky, touristy, stench of normal sunscreen that you can smell miles away, all day long. There's a very mild cucumber scent, I would say, so you really can wear it every single day without being bothered by an obnoxious scent or greasy residue. 


Another product I’ve been loving is liquid lipstick.

But, I'm not writing about liquid lipstick in particular today, I'm writing about the way it makes your lips feel. Luxurious at first, but then so so dry, right? Want to know my secret to getting rid of that dry, crackly feeling forever? Dab a drop of nourishing oil onto your lips before applying the liquid lipstick and rub it into your lips, then your lipstick will last all day long without drying out your pout. I have been using a sample size of this Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil and it's been working wonders!

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