Skin Detox (After Too Many Mimosas!)

It's already November, which means that Summer has officially drawn to a close (cue the tears). You've probably spent most of your days lounging by the rooftop pools sipping on mimosas one after the other, lathering yourself in oil by the beach to achieve that perfect toasty cinnamon tan, riding in your car with the windows and/or top down blasting this season's hottest playlist (exposing yourself to the sun, increasing your chances for a tan) and probably forgetting to drink a good amount of water.


If any of these options apply to you, you know you've lived summer up the right way! But keep reading...

Being out in the sun for an extended period of time + drinking any alcoholic beverage = increased chances for dehydration. I'm no doctor, but I am pretty sure we all know that not hydrating enough to get rid of any toxins leads to this! You may have that bronze glow and be feeling bubbly from all the bubbly, but it doesn't mean that what's going on on the inside is feeling just as good. 

One of my favorite things to do when the summer ends is do a great skin detox by exfoliating, rehydrating, and make sure I constantly make an effort to protect my skin each day. Especially in California, the sun is SO much stronger than it is at home on the east coast, so even a few minutes out in the sun can leave me with a gnarly burn.


Here are my favorite products for the perfect summer skin detox from scrubs to soaks to tea!







I am SO obsessed with Summer Salt Body's Avocado & Lime Salt Scrub! It's an aromatherapy scrub and is super refreshing and uplifting. It moisturizes, soothes sunburnt skin, softens sough or cracked skin, boosts collagen production, treats age spots, combats dry skin, along with a few other benefits! This is one of my favorite scrubs because its scent is so citrus-y, and in just one scrub I can already feel the essential oils nourishing my skin.

After exfoliating with the Avocado & Lime Salt Scrub, I tone with Summer Salt Body's Purify Me Toning Mist! It is infused with lemongrass, orange blossom and wild lime. It keeps the skin hydrated and bacteria free because it doesn't use any common drying agents like alcohol. In only a few seconds after spritzing my face, my skin feels so clean, a little tightened and smells incredible; it's got a zesty aroma to it. I feel so great using this because it's gentle enough to use morning and night. A treat for me!







When I'm dehydrated from the sun, I totally notice that my complexion is not as bright. It just looks tired, dull and blotchy because of skin discoloration. Sometimes parts of my face peels, other times it's super burnt. Being out in the sun feels great, but a lot of times I regret it afterwards  - my skin takes the fall!  

I've been using Amala's Brightening Face Polish which helps me get more brightened and toned skin. It's an advanced blend of bio-botanical actives that exfoliate pigmented surface cells that strengthens the skin's ability to resist new dark spots. Since I've started using this, I have totally noticed a difference in my skin - it just looks so much healthier, and you can actually see my complexion's natural glow come back to life. What I love most about this face polish is one of it's core benefits: it's made with algae extract which boosts cell turnover and activates the skin's natural exfoliation enzyme, which eliminates the dullness and brings your skin back to radiant! 






One of the things I am really cautious about is preventing crow's feet, wrinkles and bags around my eyes. No matter the season, I'm always super committed to taking care of the eye area since it is so delicate.

Kimberly Arnold, Beauty Guru & Skincare Expert says,  "The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and is one of the first places to show signs of aging. Make sure to moisturize the eye area thoroughly to give your eyes a boost and prevent any sun damage. Some eye creams are also brightening and de-puffing, so if drinking in excess enhances this not so flattering feature, opt for eye creams that cater to puffy, dark eye circles." 

I notice that my eyes are really sensitive in the summer time, especially from all the squinting from the sun. And I'm totally taking Kimberly's advice! I'm loving the Skinfix Brightening Eye Cream because it's really lightweight yet gets the job done - it diminishes dark circles and puffiness in addition to delivering intense nourishment to the delicate eye area. In its formula, Skinfix includes its Healthy Skin Lipid Complex which includes ingredients like Alfalfa Seed Extract, Red Seaweed Extract, Macadamia Oil and Cucumber Extract to help maintain glowing, plump and healthy skin. Not only does it make my eyes look more awake, but it's great knowing that it is actually getting the job done of diminishing any hint of tired, aged skin around the eyes.






After many afternoons laying by the pool and forgetting how many mimosas or bellinis I've ordered over the past few hours (I blame the SoCal heat... and I know I'm not the only one!), I am all about detoxing my body from the inside out! This summer I've said "Aloha" to Malie Organic's Plumeria Therapeutic Bath Soak to purify and detoxify! First off, this smells incredible - the Plumeria scent is a soft, sensual floral with a hint of spice. Fragrances of greens, citrus, peach, plumeria, sandalwood and jasmine all combine into the most perfect, blissful blend. This brand is from Hawaii and I love when I use this soak, it totally takes me there! The soak's rich, organic blend of kukui and macadamia oils along with other soothing botanical oils leave the skin refreshed, nourished and replenished. Just what I need to get my skin back to feeling itself again!






The core of my every day, especially as summer draws to a close: sunscreen! Okay, I am just a little bit obsessed with White Girl Sunscreen for more than the obvious reason of it's insanely genius name. Created ultimately to protect skin from the sun's damaging rays, it was made for all of the "little inner white girl" inside of us. Thank goodness for this sunscreen - considering I have very fair skin this has been my go-to this summer. It's a super light-weight 30 SPF that provides protection against UVA/UVB rays and is free from harsh toxins such as oxybenzone and alcohol. It's lightly scented with cucumber and smells so delish. Literally, I could probably just keep lathering and lathering this on me just because it smells so good. Not to mention, the packaging is so unique and is a serious conversation starter. You can't help but feel a little betchy when you're using this! The sunscreen ultimately restores radiance and gives you that healthy, youthful glow which is so necessary after months of sunkissed and mimosa-ed out skin. Another great thing about WGS? A portion of the proceeds of every pouch purchased are directly donated to the Save The Manatee Foundation!







I am a firm believer that whatever you put inside your body will reflect on the outside. I love to get gorgeous with DAVIDsTEA organic floral elixir, The Glow! DAVIDsTEAconsiders this tea a liquid spa, and I totally get why! It's organic and kosher, and made of roobios tea, rose petals, rosehip, and marigold. Sounds magical, doesn't it? Plus, it has cinnamon which is a total complexion saver and is caffeine free so I can have this at any time of the day. Recently, I've found myself drinking this at least twice a day. Hey, the more you drink, the better the detox! It's super easy to make too. 

First, I use David's Perfect Spoon (which, I am obsessed with this gilded one - it actually is part of the Limited Time Only collection for the holidays which will be available in November) and take 1-2 spoonfuls of the tea leaves into my DAVIDsTEA stainless steel infuser and place it into my DAVIDsTEA Nordic Mug. I let it steep in hot water for a few minutes. Laurie Curtis, DAVIDsTEA expert says that having the water hotter than bath water, but not boiling is the best temperature for steeping the tea.

When it's all done, I take the infuser out and drink my dull complexion and all the toxins away!

Thank goodness for DAVIDsTEA's new location in Culver City so I can get re-stocked on this whenever I need... knowing me, I'll finish my entire tin of The Glow  before the summer is over. Not like that's a bad thing!




I love all these fab products and hope you will too. Let me know what you think after you've tried!



















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