7 Holy Grail Beach Essentials

As the season for yoga pants comes to end, so begins the season of bikinis, drinking out of coconuts and POOL PARTIES/VACATIONS/EVERYTHING PERFECT IN LIFE.


That’s right babes, we’re almost in BEACH SEASON!! *Schreeeeching from excitement as I write this!* Beach style is definitely in a league of it’s own, so there’s nothing more frustrating than hitting then wearing a HOT AF beach outfit, and still feeling like it’s off because your hair looks like Beyonce got electrocuted, and your face looks like you’ve experienced a post Kylie Jenner and Tyga breakup . Which is why I’ve given you the HOLY GRAIL of beach essentials. YOU CAN THANK ME NOW.

Lip and Cheek Stain

 While half the fun of a beach-vacay is enjoying going all-natural, no babe wants to Snapchat side pieces at the beach if your face isn’t ON POINT.EVERYONE goes makeup-free at the beach, even babes like us, but you don’t have to let “all natural” turn into “all wrong.” A touch of blush and a little lip color goes a long way. So brush some color on your face, snap a selfie, and get ready to rock and roll with ya’ bad self. #SLAY


Product we love: Ilia Multi Stick in All of Me -$34



Check out this video



Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the sun’s harmful rays! *insert picture from MEAN GIRLS, with everyone raising their hands* We feel you. Keeping your skin hydrated and protected is THE most important “to-do” item on your beach-bound list.


Sunscreen is a must have everywhere you go, ESPECIALLY at the beach where the Sun’s rays do the most damage. Hydration and protection are just two of the many reasons that White Girl is the best BFF you’ve ever had and the best sunscreen you’ll ever use. This lightweight, hydrating, 30 SPF, oxybenzone and alcohol free concoction that smells like cucumbers and goes on like facial moisturizer. I’m telling you this because what’s in your sunscreen, or rather, what’s NOT in your sunscreen, really matters. Oxybenzone has been widely accepted as one of the leading causes that’s halting the growth of new coral in the reef. It’s THAT toxic, and it’s in almost every other sunscreen on the market, but because our bae is oxybenzone free, it’s not releasing those chemicals into the ocean, or into your skin. It can’t get any better, right?


Product we love: Obvi White Girl Sunscreen SPF 30 $14.99



Between the breeze, sand, and ocean water, having a beach day can sometimes mean sacrificing a good hair day; which is why we NEVER hit the ocean without texturizing spray. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten back to my hotel after a day on the beach, saw my hair, and thought to myself, “Well, this is a disastHAIR.”


Hair gets frizzy at the beach for the same reason skin gets itchy - IT’S DRY. Texturizing spray is made with resins that bond the hair together, keeping your ends from splitting. It’s also the safest bet to make sure you don’t have a hair-scare when you agree to meet up for dinner/drinks with that cute boy you met on the shore, (get it girl!)


Product we love: Shiseido Sun Protection Spray- 16 SPF $30


*though we recommend always using a SPF 30-50, this is the only texturizing spray on the market that ACTUALLY has SPF in the formula- if you find another holla.



Just by looking at the photo- you know what's up. NOW YOU CAN FINALLY RELAX, comfortably at the beach without getting sand in your face or hair. Not to mention it floats if you want to get rebellious and get in the water. Where has this been all your life? You're welcome. 


Product we love:  PODPILLOW $24.99




We’ve been swooning over this S’well ‘Palm Beach’ stainless steel water bottle. Hydrating when you're out in the sun is an OBVIOUS ESSENTIAL. So now is your chance to look trendy AF while staying hydrated.


Product we love: S’well ‘Palm Beach Water Bottle $35


I’ve honestly used this is so many situations: after hiking, sex or after the gym. There's nothing like being gross after the beach..or any activity that involves sweat that doesn't deserve a Goodwipe.

Wipe away the sand and anything grimy you’ve experienced at the beach with a Goodwipe. 

Product we love: Goodwipes Body Wipe $7.99


Because stripes will be forever in and you will forever be in need of a towel.


Product we love: MILLY Beach Please Striped Beach Towel $65



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