8 Summer Travel Essentials

Alright babes, it’s almost summertime! (Hallelujah!) That means it’s time to pull out those calendars and start counting down the days until your next vacation! Whether you’re beach bound, headed to Vegas to turn up with your WOES, or you’re going to a  music festival, we’ve got all the items that tend to make you say, “OH SHIT, I FORGOT _____”.

Swell Water Bottle 

Cardinal rule of traveling: STAY HYDRATED.


Obvi this calls for drinking tons of water, but as many of you know, buying water at the airport can get expensive. Traveling internationally, the tap water in many places is undrinkable, or at best, a risky bet. Invest in a good water bottle that you can refill at water filling stations in the airport, empty out when going through security lines, and carry with you to the beach or on a hike. As always, remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, your skin will thank you!


Product we love: S'WELL Palm Beach Water Bottle  $35

Safety Pins/Bobby Pins

What is one experience that no one is ever prepared for, but happens to everyone at least once?



The solution? Safety pins. Lose a button? Safety pin. Zipper pull broke off? Safety pin. Hem came undone? Safety pin. Purse handle snapped? Safety pin. I won’t continue. I stand firmly believing that there’s almost nothing a safety pin can’t fix.


PSA: If you’re nervous about taking safety pins through security, it’s easy to look on the airline website to see if they’ll be allowed through. If you still don’t want to risk it, bobby pins are a close second, and they can also fix a snapped hair-tie problem.


Product we love: Craftster’s Mini Sewing Kit with E-book

(for all the sewing dummies, including myself) $9.97

Wipe me down

Whether it's washing your face or cleaning up after sex- GOODWIPES IS BAE.


If you’re like us and have a daily skincare regimen, traveling can be exhausting and tough on your routine. Washing your face and keeping your skin clean is an often overlooked “catch” of traveling that can happen when you’re on-the-go for hours, or days, at a time. Common occurrences like running through the airport to make your flight, sleeping with an eye-mask on, or forgetting to take off your makeup can attract unwanted oil and dirt into your skin, causing breakouts.


 Don’t let breakouts get the best of you on vacation, keep your skin clean.


Product we love: Goodwipes $7.99




 We’ve got three words for you: HYDRATION, HYDRATION, HYDRATION!


Between dinners, dancing, and day-drinking, it’s easy to accidentally waste precious traveling time because of a headache from that extra glass of vino last night. Pedialyte packets are the perfect added solution to making sure you get that extra boost of electrolytes to keep you going while you’re traveling. Yes, we all know the importance of drinking water, but running around like a crazy person in the airport or having a little too much fun with your besties can be distracting at times (ahem, every time).You have a lot of ground to cover this summer, so make sure to take care of your body.


Product we love: Pedialyte Packets $7.99


Portable Steamer

Here we are, back to the wardrobe malfunctions.


Unfortunately, they very rarely end when I’m traveling, so I welcome all the pick-me-up tips I can get to handle them. This time, we’re talking about a little item that will save your outfits/ass during your trips: a portable steamer. You NEVER know who you’re going to meet while traveling, so dress like you own that b***h. We like wrinkles on our clothes about as much as we like wrinkles on our skin.


I chose 'My Little Steamer' by Joy Mangano. Why?


1. Because I own one and I gave up the peasantry ironing board.

2. You should watch the movie  JOY...as an Entrepreneur I had to support my main babe, Joy Mangano!


Product we love: My Little Steamer- Travel Size by Joy Mangano $30.49


Passport COVER


Okay babes, this one is my absolute FAVE because there are SO many options!


First of all, you know that I totally listed a passport cover that you can customize - because I know you babes are basic AF and I got you. Having a passport book is useful for a number of reasons; one of the top reasons being that many of them have magnets in them that can protect you from being the victim of identity theft. Lastly, having a passport book is hands down THE most efficient way to distinguish your passport from somebody else’s. Your passport is a reminder of all the places you’ve been, so don’t let it go anywhere without you.


Product we love: Cameron Street Travel Passport Cover $88


Organize the goods

 Just because you need a reason to go buy another bag... NOT 

Just because you need a reason to go buy another bag... NOT


I want to add charger pouch to this list. We all know that you’re most likely a #BossBabe and you’ve probably got a laptop charger, cellphone charger, kindle charger, headphones, adapters/converters (for international travelers), your glasses case, and a godawful amount of other stuff just floating around. Your bag is CHAOS, but not for long. If you don't want the MochiThings charger bag- just get a damn toiletry bag. The clear pockets in toiletry bags make distinguishing what’s in each pocket so much easier, especially when you fill them chargers instead of shampoo. Having all your chords in once place, untangled, is satisfyingly convenient when you’ve got to whip out your charger because your computer is on two percent and you’re in middle of streaming the 500th season of The Bachelorette. And no, Chris Harrison never ceases to amaze us.


Product we love: MochiThings Baby Pink Charger Pouch  $9.95

It's your mouth, keep it clean

So if you're on the internet you've seen QUIP toothbrush everywhere. I personally used Sonicare until I met this babe. Eventually I clicked on the Pinterest link to see what the HYPE was about... and here's the scoop:  pretty much the refill is super cheap ($5) - aka perfect for travel - and they check up with you every 3 months!


              Product we love: Quip Toothbrush $45



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