5 Tips for Staying Cool This Summer - I couldn't believe #5

Here-in lies the most unbelievable, shocking, DIY 5-step routine to protect yourself from the blistering heat this summer → seriously, you won’t believe #5. 

1. STAY HYDRATED -- Drinking plenty of water keeps your body cool and your skin breathable. Literally, I had NO idea either.



2. APPLY SUNSCREEN -- Urban legend has it that sunburns can make your skin REALLY hot, really red, and really uncomfortable. I’m a big fan of folklore myself.



3. WEAR BREATHABLE CLOTHING -- Apparently cotton is this type of fiber that makes it really easy for the outdoor breeze to reach your skin and cool you off. Idk babe, technology.



4. FIND SOME SHADE -- The other day, I saw a really cute dog get really hot and watched him walk under a tree where it was shady. Before I knew it, he was cooled off! We don’t deserve dogs.



Okay babes, let’s get real here. There are all kinds of crazy, ridiculous, INSANE hacks to staying cool this summer. Trying to hack your way around the summer heat will lead you to buying  a $100 vest that you can stuff with ice, or maybe a fan that you can plug into your phone and walk around with all day. They’ll tell you to walk in freezers and eat ice cream and stay inside. Nelly will even tell you to take off all your clothes.


The truth is, the only way for you to stay cool this summer is to accept that water, sunscreen, cotton, and shade is the only combination of “beat the heat” hacks that actually works.


Trying to maneuver your way around them is dangerous because sunburns, dehydration, and overheating don’t give-way for mobile fans and popsicles. We love y’all, so we want to be real with you. You might not be able to beat the 100 degree heat, but you don’t have to let the heat beat you.



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