If you were here for my epiphany convo yesterday, then welcome back. If you’re fashionably late, then don’t worry: you can read how I overcame personal struggles by becoming self-aware here. While listening to “In My Feelings” in the car yesterday, I felt enlightened AF and in that moment, I reached my pinnacle of self-awareness. I was just doing my thang and before I knew it, I made a connection between two things that are further apart than a girl on the ‘gram’s thighs...so stay tuned.



When I got home, I went on my phone and do what I always do after a long day at work: lay in bed and get caught up scrolling past girls who you’d think don’t own clothes other than bikinis on Instagram. Normally, I would stop at each one of these pictures and question what I’m doing wrong and why I don’t look the same way these girls do. Not today, though. After my epiphany, I scrolled with the peace of mind of knowing that girls use apps, filters and plenty of swipes on Facetune to the point where the difference between appearance and reality could not be more drastic. While scrolling, I noticed that each picture was nearly the same as the one prior, and that I really needed more variety in my feed.




My scrolling came to an abrupt halt when I reached a picture that was different from the rest. This picture of Kim Kardashian made me develop a newfound appreciation for her style and how she makes it work for her body. She is confident AF and slays like no other, walking around town in those biker shorts - I don’t know if I’m on that level yet to pull them off like her, but I do know that those girls on my feed with chicken legs wouldn’t look the same in those mid-thigh, tight ass shorts.



And here’s where it really tied together for me - While filters like Instagram and apps like Facetune where we can make ourselves look however we would like, play a large role in the body image department, it stems back to the Barbie Doll phenomena. Girls develop unrealistic body image expectations at a very young age and they believe that it’s what everyone should and must look like. There comes a time when some babes, including myself, have to come to terms with the fact that you’ll never have a thigh gap. I’m sorry to break it to you if you haven’t figured that out already but you were either born with that certain bone structure or you weren’t. One is not better than the other - there is no wrong way to have a body, so don’t kill yourself trying to obtain something that is totally unrealistic for you; instead, be like Kimmie and do what works for you.


Signing off - *Momager voice* You’re doing great sweetie.

XO, Jamie


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Slide into my DMs and let’s get real: @jantonino


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