Getting Blunt with the Glossier of the Cannabis Industry: Kristina Adduci, Founder of House of Puff

"77% of women who smoke cannabis are making 'coin' & when I say coin, they're making over six-figures."

CEO & Founder, Kristina Adduci is determined to bridge the gap between women and weed with House of Puff, a New York-based company specializing in discreet, decidedly-feminine smoking accessories. 


We discussed on Babe Talk podcast episode how the cannabis world hasn’t marketed to the breed of stylish, sophisticated, boujee boss babes -- until now.


Maybe it's because cannabis is still, like so many areas of culture, largely male-dominated and thus sometimes blind to the needs and desires of women. Regardless, the House of Puff is expanding what it means to be a stoner, a cannabis consumer/420-friendly enthusiast. 


Adduci, who is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the arts and culture publication Art Zealous, began smoking weed in adulthood to treat her anxiety. After realizing there wasn’t a all-in-one cannabis smoking experience to fit the needs of newbie or pot princess veteran, Adduci decided to create a line of aesthetically pleasing smoking accessories that we’re also high quality. With no prior experience in the cannabis biz she started the process the good ole’ fashion way -- trial & error, connections in the art world, and research.


What caught my eye about House of Puff was the pastel-hued, minimalist aesthetic, and original products/photos on their Instagram page. I thought, WOW this brand knows what the cannabis industry is missing and knows how to speak to millennials. The opposite direction of the stereotypical, hyper-sexualized 420 girls in lingerie that you see all over social media. House of Puff customers range from women who are professional, trendy, & artistic.


"We're mother's, wives, & we're getting shit done."


Kristina’s advice to babes who are aspiring to be apart of the cannabis industry or that have a solution for an issue in a particular industry/untapped market is to DO RESEARCH. Test products in that particular industry, research your target audience, and focus on delivering the customer experience. Now babes, if you’re a pot princesses or a power women who loves weed go get yourself a “Le Pipe” or "Lit Kit".




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