Behind the Natural Components of White Girl


The summer is coming and even though the water may still be a little chilly, the sun is already active. Getting ready to go sunbathing at the beach or just going for a walk – it is important to protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays, you don’t want to end up having sunburns instead of the nice tan.


Recently we stumbled upon White Girl Sunscreen brand and right away it was decided that we want to test and review their awesome products.


White Girl Sunscreen is not your usual sunscreen, but a cool little pouch of sunshine.


The brand is partnered with Melanoma Research Foundation and is aimed to bring sun care to everyone.



The sunscreen has 30 SPF protection and comes in two different sizes 100ml pouch or small on-the-go square packet which makes it extremely useful when you don’t want to carry heavy bags.

 The little packet is a wonderfully practical solution to use a sunscreen on the go. If you are not at the beach right now it doesn’t mean sun can’t burn your skin and such parts like face, arms and legs are still exposed and need protection. The packet has just enough product to cover an area where needed, the expert reported she takes two of them and that’s sufficient.


The Pouch is a larger packaging which is great for the beach or picknick visits with friends or family when you need to cover the whole body with the sunscreen and probably not just yours. The cap at the corner of the pouch makes it really easy to use and pour just the right amount.


White Girl Sunscreen has ingredients like, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Beeswax, Sunflower Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil and is free of harsh chemicals. The natural components make the sunscreen absorb fast penetrating deeper levels of the skin and protecting it from the inside. The sunscreen does not have any smell which makes it easy to wear and the expert especially noted that the product does not leave skin oily or sticky, which means sand is not an issue anymore.


In order to stylishly protect your skin from the sun while you going to the beach, you need to cover your skin with an awesome “Born and Raised in Babetown, USA” cotton tank top by The White Girl. It’s an awesome white color sun protecting top for all the babes ;)



MyTopFace experts are stocking up on the White Girl Sunscreen and getting ready for the summer with this awesome product. The brand is offering 30% OFF  + free shipping for our readers – just type ‘MyTopFace’ in the promo code field at the checkout and enjoy.


MTF: For best skin texture without clogged pores, please don’t apply sunscreen on the dirty face. Simply apply your favorite mist for your skin type and wipe with paper towel before applying sunscreen to the face.


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