One Pieces Worth Ditching Your Bikini For


Hey babes xx, White Girl Jamie here coming in live from the VIP. It's almost time to get back to school and for me, that means pool party/darty szn. If you're like me, you wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini at a frat party. A great alternative is a super cute one piece paired with denim shorts. I've handpicked my favorites for you guys to shop before your next poolside appearance.


Their return to our fav store's racks is seriously a God's send. For real though, just two summers ago I walked into my favorite swimsuit boutique looking for a good one piece and they had none. Total Mean Girls "You could try Sears" moment. Now that they're back in style, I want to share with you why I've been choosing one pieces over my reliable but admittedly basic black bikini this season.


You can seriously look way hotter in your one piece than your bikini and that doesn't mean you don't have a kick ass bod, ladies - all of our bods are different. I'm just here to help and share with you some wisdom because I've tried these affordable, hot AF swimmies and they just are way more flattering on me than that expensive, trendy cut-out bikini that everyone is rocking (thanks to Facetune) on IG. Shopping for swimmies is so much easier when you don't have to convince yourself that the bottoms look okay when you want to buy the suit in a set. I don't know if this is my personal bad luck, but when I find a top that works for me, the bottoms almost never do.


Buying a one piece doesn't mean you're uncomfortable with your body, rather, it means you're confident enough to be unique and stray from the crowd. You'll be serving looks and not because people are noticing how your bathing suit looks on you, because of how good you look in it. Risquè bikinis are not our thing this summer (Risquè doesn't sound totally similar to risky for no reason.)


Do yourself a favor, ladies. If you're scared of wearing a one piece because you think guys prefer bikinis, then just wait til Chad or Brad see you and notice that they've never seen that on their feed. The One Piece is Chic AF and I took the liberty to attach some of my favorite, most affordable pieces below... Thank me later, babes. 

K I N O  S W I M

Don't be afraid to show some skin in Kino Swim! Based in Miami, this eco-friendly company rocks Italian fabric.

Find them on IG @kino_swim

Nude Beach $60


This super hot, criss-cross swimmie looks great on all shapes and sizes! 


S U G A R  M O O N  S W I M

Use code "whitegirlsunscreen15" for 15% off at checkout!

 Sugar Moon is for the babe who loves the sun and the sea, and believes that it is always summer (it's a mindset, not a season). Their creative director, Raissa Ferrari, was born in Rio De Janero so you could say that these suits are pretty Brazilian. Their mission is to help women, children, and animals. Part of the profit from Poms of Summer Collection is donated to a local Rescue to help animals in need. Get your hands on one of these amazing pieces ASAP - if not for you, do it for the pups!!



The Future is Female One Piece $109

Tell the boys what's good while turning heads in this iconic, pastel colored one piece. We like to think of this as a subtle way to hint "GTFO of my DM's/Text back not guaranteed" 


Lining: Polymaid/Spandex

Fully lined






Poms of Summer One Piece $109

Ok, tell me you're not literally dying at this print. We are absolutely obsessed with this piece and it matches perfectly with our Pomeranian Pup! (*not included)


Lining: Polymaid/Spandex

Fully lined


B A G S  N'  B I K I N I S

           Use code "whitegirlsunscreen20" for 20% off at checkout!

 The best brand to shop for the most affordable and cute bags and swimmies, two things no babe can have enough of!


Lexie Leaf Print One Piece - $36.99


This suit features a plunging neck and a fun, strappy back design with just the perfect amount of cheekiness. Guaranteed head turner!





       1 2 T H T R I B E 

 Use code "antonino10" for 10% off at checkout!

12th Tribe embraces style for the global soul and provides a collection of hand picked pieces for the girls on the go. 

Mila Strappy One Piece - $98

This is the perfect one piece for the summer as you can even pair it with denim shorts for a bodysuit look. In this white ribbed one piece with a bandeau strap and an over the shoulder strap, you are ensured to look tan AF and receive compliments all day long.  

80% Nylon

20% Spandex


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