Sunscreen is the #1 way to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Which is why we are constantly flooded with DM’s asking about which anti-aging products we use and our opinion on cosmetic  procedures. One of the most common questions we get is about Botox.


I was way overdue for some Botox and reached out to my girlfriend Janna Boatright (literally the best Injector in Atlanta) to see if she could squeeze me in AND let me record the treatment at OVME to share with you all.


I had my first Botox treatment three years ago and was on a real high when I thought to myself, ‘why the fuck not”’ and ended up with lip injections. Now that was back in my more ‘carefree’ days. Do not be like me and act so carefree when it comes to  any type of procedure that can alter your appearance in general.


Always talk to your doctor and think on your cosmetic procedures for longer than a split-second moment (ahem, quarter-life crisis Rach.) You don’t want to risk it for the biscuit and F up whatever you’re blessed with/all the hard work you’ve already put into looking this good.


Side note: I’ve only done lip injections twice and haven’t had them done in almost two years.


Now remember, I’m doing this post because a lot of you have asked me questions and my thoughts on Botox. Though I strive to be someone who’s an open book, there are a lot of things I don’t share on social media/the internet. My reasoning being that most of those private details involve other people and aren’t my stories to tell.


If you didn’t read about my “Tanning Bed Addiction’’ then you’re probably unaware of how I royally F’D up my skin by not using a sunscreen daily and frying myself under UV lamps. 


Opening up about my addiction to the tanning bed was a bit scary, but fortunately I’ve realized that it’s way more important for me to provide a transparent space here. I’m going to start by sharing intimate details about any and every relatable female experience or procedure I’ve undergone: botox, boob job, lip injections, and laser treatments.



 As White Girl continues to grow, I’m realizing that it’s more than just a sunscreen. It’s a way I can remind women that we are all perfectly flawed; we are a community and a support system, inspiring girls to love and express themselves, and each other by being exactly who we are. I hope the wellness tips, advice, and mistakes I share help others find the confidence in their own skin that I am so fortunate to have, thanks to so many of you.


A Wrinkling Awakening Moment


Back in the day, I wasn’t the queen of sunscreen. I wasn’t even a royal subject of sunscreen, and I’m now facing the consequences of my past mistakes every day when I look in the mirror. At age 23, I had my first “is that a fucking wrinkle” moment when an aesthetician called me out on my facial lines. At this time I literally had no earthly idea what Botox was, if I should get it, the pros, cons, the pain, does it even work….etc.


Side Note: At age 22 I started to try different creams, facial massaging, and I drinking tons of water to diminish these wrinkles.


0 to Frozen Real Quick


Recognizing that I’m not perfect and I never will be REALLY gets in the way of my perfectionism, and, it can be super frustrating at times. In the past, it’s been difficult  to make decisions on what beauty procedures to pursue because I don’t want to look fake AF. I really am focusing on trying to live an overall healthier lifestyle and take the proper precautions to the side effects that come with aging. I am not ashamed to say that aging gracefully is something that I hope for myself. Why wouldn’t I want to age gracefully? It’s a reflection of many more years of treating my body well enough to provide a skin that I’m comfortable in life-long.  


That’s what this is truly about for me. Some of my friends will sometimes joke about how they can’t even cry because their face is so frozen. My friends are beautiful and are ROCKING it and that’s what matters, is that they are confident in themselves.. However, for myself personally, I get skeptical of the long term effects of the “frozen” look -- we’ll touch on this later.


Some women  like the ‘’frozen look.” A few of my friends will sometimes joke about how they can’t even cry because their face is so frozen. To the ladies that this applies to, you are beautiful. However, for myself I say that my friends that do rock the frozen look are beautiful, but I get nervous on to long-term effect when you stay frozen for too long- we will talk about this later.

My point is that I’d like to address the #1 thing to should focus on if you plan on getting botox = finding an Injector that’s conservative. You must absolutely communicate how you want to look to the Injector, why you’re getting botox, concerns about getting botox, and make them aware of any treatments you’ve gotten in the past.




I am not you and you are not me. Everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion. I like getting botox, BUT my personal experience and opinion shouldn’t sway your own opinion. Ultimately it’s your decision, I’m just here for the street cred.


Botox Credibility

When you go to buy drugs you don’t just start asking any random Joe Smo’ on the street. Just like your dealer needs to have street credibility so does your Botox Injector. Ask your friends, read reviews from multiple sources - not just on their website. If you find the doctor on Groupon then go ahead and slap your face so hard that you give yourself another damn wrinkle. #SHAME



with Rachel and Injector, Janna Boatright from OVME


1. What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin type A is the popular neurotoxin that is injected into the face to reduce muscle movement and lessen the appearance of wrinkles. - Janna Boatright / Injector Specialist OVME


2. What’s the cost?

I’ve seen two different ways that companies offer pricing, which is $_/per unit (most popular way of pricing) or by the area of your face. The cost per unit can range from $8-13/unit depending on where you live and how saturated the market is. 

- A Sprinkle of Advice from Rachel


3. How long does it last?

Depending on your age and how many units you get in the particular area then it will last 3-4 months. 

- Janna Boatright / Injector Specialist OVME


Supposedly it will last 4-6 months. I’ve gone 9 months before, which honestly was too long. I suggest going every 6 months for constant results. - A Sprinkle of Advice from Rachel


4. What’s the difference between Botox and Fillers?

Botox is for Dynamic wrinkles (in motion and expression wrinkles) and it reduces their motion and visibility. These muscles are typically visible on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. Facial fillers are ideal for static wrinkles (visible without expression or movement) and volume replacement (typically used in the cheeks, lips, under eye, and smile lines).

Janna Boatright / Injector Specialist OVME


5. Is “preventative Botox” a way to help people cope with the fear of aging or does it actually work?

Preventative Botox is done in your early 20s or early 30s. In this case, Botox prevents the continuous movement that causes the wrinkles. Your facial muscles work like any other muscle. By getting Botox you prevent your facial muscles from “working out.” The more you work the more muscles out, the more defined they will be. - A Sprinkle of Advice from Rachel


6. How many units should I get?

10-20 units per area. Full face 45-60 units. - Janna Boatright / Injector Specialist OVME


7. Is it true that guys should only get 10 units and they should get it diluted?  

Myth. Men need more Botox because their muscles are stronger. - Janna Boatright / Injector Specialist OVME


8. If I get Botox near my smile line will it ruin my smile?

You should only use Fillers near your smile/smile lines. - Janna Boatright / Injector Specialist OVME


9. Do you get numbed up before?

Usually people do not numb before. - Janna Boatright / Injector Specialist OVME


10. How long does it take to see results?

3-5 days to see results. - Janna Boatright / Injector Specialist OVME


Give it a good two weeks before you contact your doctor complaining about not seeing results. Obviously if you're swollen AF or somethings wrong with your face then contact 911. - A Sprinkle of Advice from Rachel


11. Can you be prone to wrinkles on certain areas on your face?

Dryer skin is more prone to wrinkles. Genetics is a big factor when it comes to certain lines/wrinkles that naturally occur. You might notice that a line/wrinkle that your mother and grandmother might have, which could possibly be genetic. Sun damage is the fastest way to age your skin and get wrinkles. USE SUNSCREEN DAILY. - A Sprinkle of Advice from Rachel


12. Does it hurt?

If you can’t handle Botox then don’t even consider having kids. I don’t think it hurts. What’s interesting is that I’m a weirdo when it comes to needles and for some reason I’m fine with the needles that are used for administering Botox. Lip injections… way thicker needle and that’s Juvederm, which is a filler. It feels like you literally have gel blowing up your lips. Anyhow, that’s another post.

- A Sprinkle of Advice from Rachel


13. What areas should I get get botox?

Look at your parents wrinkles and find out what lines could be signs of genetic aging. Forehead and/or crow’s feet. Try to stay away from your smile lines so you’re smile doesn’t look crazy.  - A Sprinkle of Advice from Rachel



1. There’s a few variables that are commonly known to cause bruising when it comes to Botox. The good news, my skin is super sensitive and I only experienced light bruising the first time I got Botox. The bruising was literally was gone the next day. Since my first treatment, I haven’t ever bruised again. I know people can bruise easily.


2. Try to avoid taking aspirin or any kind of blood thinner, Omega 3 or Fish Oil 5 days before treatment. Take arnica tablets, this will help with muscle soreness. Totally took these while I was recovering from my boob job.


3. Your injector should give you a cold pack once you’re done. I suggest using a cold pack on/off over the next 4 hours, post treatment. If you don’t have a cold pack at home then throw a bag of cold peas on your face. This will help with bruising too.


4. The experts say it’s important NOT to exercise and to NOT do anything face down. That means no bending over, sleeping on your stomach, or attempting to do the bend & snap. I recommend babes to take a chill day off when you get Botox.


5. Sunscreen people!! Daily!


6. Serums, moisturizers, oils in your daily beauty routine.


7. Get facial massages to help stimulate the muscles in your face. It’s like going to the gym for your face. Here's my favorite facial massager that you can use at home. When you facial massage with a Jade Roller takes only a few minutes, improves your skin function, helps your products work harder, and, most impressively, is an instant complexion booster. Use this handy tool as an ice roller for your face - clutch when you’re hungover too


8. Moisturize with products that have high antioxidants like Vitamin A and C.


9. Peels that are rich in alpha-hydroxy acids can help reduce fine lines.


10. Exfoliate. Coffee scrubs are AMAZING. Throw on that scrub while you're in the shower and let your pores open up.  I always exfoliate after I have a bad breakout. Totally gets all that dry skin off. gross, but true. Nobody But Joe is my favorite.




1. Sunscreen

Exposure to the sun puts your skin cells into survival mode and will rapidly age you. This is why you get tan. Your skin is at war with the sun and the sun will always win unless you’ve got White Girl, duh.


2. Sunglasses

Avoid all the squinting motions that cause crow’s feet. Consider wearing sunglasses 365 days of the year. People tend to squint in the sun, rain or cold.


3. Hyaluronic Acid

 HA is the same ingredient in fillers because it has the ability to hydrate. Water helps our skin look plump, but has we get older, our skin can’t hold water as well. HA fixes that x options below.


4. Water

 Drink 8 glasses a day. There’s no reason why you can’t do this. Yes, OVME offer sparking water (personal fav since I get nervous before my any procedure). I mean look how into this sparkling water I am.






1. Prevent Resting Wrinkles

 Botox may prevent you from moving your face muscles and result from getting resting wrinkles.


2. Migraines

Read MoreA doctor from the FDA who approved Botox reported that it can be used to prevent headaches in adult patients with chronic migraines.


3. Small Bladder Problem

I read an article that says Botox can help people with an overactive bladder by increasing volume thereby reducing incontinence.


4. Sweating

Reduce excessive sweat for up to two years.




1. Pregnant

You can’t get Botox done when you’re expecting.


2. Mood Swings

 A little-known Botox side effect for some women is that it causes changes in moods. Do we know if these women are on other drugs like xanax, with a few glasses of wine at night… They should do more case studies to back up this fact. Seems pointless.


3. Atrophy

You want the muscles in your face to sort of tighten and move, especially while we’re in our 20’s. If you don’t go to the gym forever and workout your legs, they stop moving and will eventually start to lose their natural ability to stay strong. Be cautious of how many units you’re getting while in your 20’s and stay on top of your skincare routine by working those muscles with a facial massager.


So here are my closing thoughts and the video of my Botox Appointment with Janna Boatright, Injector at OVME 

In the short run, beauty and youth can seem eternal when you have them, and the importance of maintaining healthy, soft skin seems unimportant at the time. However, like all good things (expensive cars, Chanel purses, and perfectly manicured hands), youthful beauty will come to an end without proper maintenance and TLC. Aging gracefully is one thing, but failing to take care of your skin will result in early years of aging to come. I’d hate for anyone not to realize the importance of maintaining youthful skin because the consequences lie less in aging, and more in problems like dehydration, self-esteem, and skin cancer.


I am 26 years old and already have signs of aging due to the fact I habitually laid in the tanning bed. It was also an ‘act of congress’ to convince me to wear sunscreen while I was out in the sun. Ultimately, everyone’s skin ages at different rates and it depends on your skin type, ethnicity, genetics, and lifestyle. (Ahem, SUNSCREEN).  


Lastly, if you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, make sure to find someone that can tell the difference between the expression lines that are part of who you are versus the lines caused by sun damage and aging. Don’t confuse the two, because we don’t want “less” you, we want your “best” you.


xx- Rachel


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