#WhiteGirlMoments - Inspired by True Events

You're only as basic as the #whitegirlmoment that defines you.


Hey babes! @berndown4wut here, and I’m the voice of reason at White Girl Sunscreen

- aka, I write all of these ridiculous blogs.

 Pictured above is a white girl in her natural habitat - wearing a flower crown at a music festival


My hobbies include mimosas, traveling, and making fun of myself → the latter being the reason I decided to write a blog based around the #whitegirlproblems that every one of you basic bitches has. Today I’ll be sharing my most recent #whitegirlmoment and the inspiration for this post.

It was a day like any other, and I had just branched out from Content Creation into Sales. I had found this really cute company that I thought could sell White Girl really well. I got a little too excited and hit them up in the DM without realizing that this company was already a client of ours! Needless to say, they responded with a “we already sell your product,” and my jaw literally dropped into a basic “oh s***” face. Like, how EMBARRASSING to be reaching out to a client and to not know that we already sell to them?


I got super frazzled and I was thinking “omg, how can I fix this?” So naturally, I responded back apologizing for the confusion and explained that I was new to sales, and said “I just had a serious #whitegirlmoment.”

That’s when I decided to blog about #whitegirlmoments → We all have them, so let’s hear them!


Send in your #whitegirlmoments to contact@whitegirlsunscreen, subject title “White Girl Moment” to be featured on our Instagram, podcast, and blog. And don't forget to stay tuned for the next WGS podcast, where co-founder Rachel goes in knee-slapping detail about the #whitegirlmoments that inspired this company.


(Plot twist: the client thought this was really funny and didn't tell my boss - Rach, if you're reading this, sorry #notsorry)





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