Dragon Fruit Vegan Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Your Instagram or Facebook feed may be flooded with photos of beautifully created acai smoothie bowls and you wonder why everyone is making them. If you're looking for the perfect smoothie bowl recipe for breakfast or a snack then you've came to the right place.


My reasoning behind making a smoothie bowl every morning is for the fact you can use the same ingredients (besides your base) every time. It's also extremely quick & easy to make and it doesn't hurt that you can always throw it in a to-go cup if you don't have time to dabble with the toppings. Watch the Dragon Smoothie Bowl video here & get the entire recipe below.


I recommend finding the nearest Sprouts grocery store to purchase Dragon Fruit. If you don't live near one then click this link to "Find a Store Near You" for frozen options or get my favorite Pitaya/Dragon Fruit Powder  from Amazon below. 


Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl Recipe 


- Dragon Fruit: 4 oz | 1/2 cup | 1 pack of Pitaya Plus Smoothie PacksPitaya Plus diced cubes or Pitaya/Dragon Fruit powder

Almond Milk: 4 oz. | 1/2 cup | unsweetened preferred 

- Frozen Mango: 1/2 cup per serving | less sugar substitute w/ unsweetened Apple sauce 

- Banana | 1 banana per serving 

- My favorite powders to add to your base: Acai powder, Pitaya/Dragon Fruit powder, Spirulina Powder



1. Place all the ingredients into a blender.

2. Blend until smooth.

3. Pour into a bowl and top with desired toppings. Remember that the base of this recipe is a sugary fruit bowl. I suggest trying lighter toppings before overpowering it with fruit. I like to use the toppings below: 


Mix in or Add on Top 

- Almond Butter or PBT Fit| 1 Tbsp 

- Fresh cut strawberries 

- Fresh cut raspberries 

- Frozen blueberries 


Suggested Toppings

- Raw or shaved almonds // raw un-salted cashews

- FERA Moringa Powder (I usually put on top & mix in, but you can add it to the base of your smoothie bowl too) 

- Kind Bar Peanut Butter Clusters - Gluten Free 

- Cacao Nibs

- Goji Berries

- Chia Seeds

- Hemp Seeds 

- Mulberries

Organic Cacao Nibs *literally the closest thing to chocolate with 1/4 of the calories. 

- Bare Coconut Chips 



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